It’s gone! Flown the nest and is off to make a gorgeous little girl (called Angel bless her) very happy for her party this evening. Could not be happier seeing my first Perfect Party Box go off this morning. Now on to the next one…..which is for my son! No pressure there then. He’s going to be 5 so have lots to do. Presents to wrap, games to organise, cake to plan, party bags to make up (half way there already on this). I CANNOT WAIT though. It’ll be lovely to see the garden filled with joy and laughter -as long as it isn’t raining!! I’ve been making these this morning – just can’t help myself…

Seed Growing kits for some of my party bags
It left this morning to make someone very happy – Box No 1!

I’m hoping they go down well. I’ve also got Monster Puzzles and Flamingo pencils on the way – more pics to come. Am soooo excited. Keep it crossed for me (the rain) and I’ll be sure to show you some pics soon. x