To favourite time of year!

There is so much to celebrate in the Autumn even though I know traditionally many feel it’s the start of the doom and gloom of Winter…..well not for me!  I even chose to get married in the Autumn. I love the colours, the richness, the harvest and the celebrations that once thought about seem to bring joy to all – Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali are just some of them – all full of life and colour!  Who doesn’t love the face of a child looking up at Fireworks? 

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, the chances are your children are definitely keen to jump on this particular bandwagon.  I know mine are!  This year I have been finding it particularly tricky to navigate myself around all the Halloween paraphernalia knowing most of it is very much single use plastic.  Pumpkins have definitely been the most planet friendly thing we’ve enjoyed getting to grips with so far – and I have a large pan full of Pumpkin soup to prove it!  I have been very careful to buy treats for Halloween that are void of single use plastic – but it’s not been easy.  With that in mind I am going to be making “scary” cupcakes and biscuits to give away – and putting some Bats Blood (Mulled wine) together for the poor parents chaperoning their children round the cold village streets!  I really feel that more and more this has to become the norm as we go forward.  

I shall be making some changes to some of my party activities too – more on this to follow (is all very exciting but am still in the practise stage).  

In the meantime – enjoy the Autumn!  Enjoy wrapping up, getting out there in the leaves and the trees, going for walks – finding a fire – whether it’s your own at home or someone else’s – there is nothing like a fire to warm the soul (and your toes).  Make food!  Find a soup recipe – I promise it’s worth it!  Have a think about how you can “do less plastic” in the run up to Christmas….whether it’s brown Kraft wrap and gorgeous ribbons for pressies or making your own crackers, going a bit “Kirsty” and  getting your home-made head on….there are so many small things we can all do.  As the lovely people at Plastics Free will tell you – individually we are but a drop – it’s together that we are an Ocean!  Let’s ride that wave and make the changes.  You can do it!