Party Box Terms & Conditions of Use

When hiring our lovely Party boxes there are a few things to be aware of….

  1. A £20 deposit will be taken at the time of ordering a Party Box for up to 16 guests.  
  2. A £40 Deposit will be taken at the time of ordering a Party Box for more than 16 guests.
  3. Please return all items to us undamaged. We understand things happen at kids parties so we do aim to be very reasonable in this (we are lovely peeps) but please do take care.  
  4. Should there be multiple damages or breakages PART OR WHOLE  of the deposit will be retained to cover costs of replacement – this particularly applies to tableware etc.   We use excellent Planet Friendly Tableware and this is reflected in it’s cost – please try not to lose bits to the bin! 
  5. Please pay for your Party Box either before collection using the following methods – by BACS Transfer – Account Details are: Sort Code: 07-08-06 Account No: 05367422 – use your name as reference and my name – Mrs Fiona Bardwell as the payee. You can also pay by Paypal as instructed to You can pay in cash at time of collection if you wish and will be given a receipt – please do let us know beforehand how you would like to pay – and do let me know when you’ve paid if you’ve done it by BACS so I can check this for you.
  6. Please do try to be on time for collections and drop-offs as you may be one of a number on my tour and I will need to get to my next pick up/drop off!
  7. Please do what you can to recycle where you can – it really means so much to us – and our kids will definitely thank us for it (maybe, one day – you never know).
  8. If you break something – like the Bluetooth speaker – or anything – do let us know. We promise to be nice but it really does help us if we know so we can fix the problem.  We have a resident techy so it’s not the end of the world – but it helps us to know!
  9. Please do read our Privacy statement re: GDPR.
  10. HAVE LOADS OF FUN – this bit really is the most important bit!!

Cancelling your Box/Bags!

If you need to cancel your Party Box or Party Bags order for any reason – that is absolutely fine – these things happen and we will absolutely be nice and very understanding - I promise! But you should know...
* We will refund the deposit in full if you give us more than 14 days notice (of time of collection/drop off).
* We will refund 50% of the deposit if cancellation is less than 14 days but more than 5 days before the expected drop off/collection date.
* We will retain the full deposit if the cancellation is 4 days or less from when the drop off/collection was due to be made. 
Please make sure you are aware of this when booking!  Because every party is unique, we order special items for your special party whether it be for party bags, party game prizes or decorations in line with your theme – we really do all that for you, so if you do cancel – we then have stock we may not need and have had to pay for.

Bell Tent Hire Terms & Conditions of Use

  • Quotes are provided on the basis that a booking is not confirmed until a deposit and a note/email accepting our Quote has been received and acknowledged.
  • Unless stated in writing to us – and acknowledged – all bookings are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions of hiring stated below and it is accepted as granted that you have accepted these upon making your booking.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total hire cost is payable when making your booking.
  • The balance plus a refundable damage deposit of £100 per tent is payable 28 days before the delivery date stipulated in the booking form. 
  • Bookings received less than 28 days before arrival will require payment to be made in full at the time of booking together with the booking form.
  • Notice of cancellation of the booking must be provided by the hirer to Perfect Party Boxes to be received not less than 14 days prior to delivery.
  • Cancellation of less than 14 days prior to your arrival will result in 100% of the hire charge being forfeited.  You may wish to obtain event insurance to cover this.
  • The damage deposit seeks to cover damage, breakages or extra cleaning that may be required but is not the extent of the hirers liability should items hired be damaged or be lost in excess of the damage deposit value.  You will be invoiced for additional damage should this occur.
  • Damage deposits will be returned within 7 days of departure, minus deductions if applicable, which will be fully itemised.
  • Perfect Party Boxes invoices are for payment as per the terms stated.
  1. SITE
  • The Hire charges are based on the assumption that the pitch site is on flat and level firm ground with easy access for our vehicles, and that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed.
  • The Hire charges do not include any making good or repairing of damage to the site.
  • The Hirer is required to provide Perfect Party Boxes with either a plan showing the position in which the tents are to be erected or should communicate with us about the location of the tents pitch.  In the absence of a plan showing the position in which the tents are to be erected the Company will erect the tents where they deem appropriate and shall be deemed to have completed the contract.
  • The Hirer should never presume that any other equipment is included in the Hire other than what is stated in the Company’s booking forms and related website, specific to their booking.  You will receive in writing what is included in your hire.  
  • The Hirer is required to select a site that is not susceptible to bogginess or has poor drainage or be impervious or too solid for poles, posts, pegs to be passed through in the set up of tents.  Any flooding caused is the responsibility of the Hirer.
  • The Hirer must ensure that any obstructions to the site are removed before the Company arrives. This includes plants, shrubs, trees, vehicles and other materials. The Company reserves the right to apply a discretionary surcharge if obstructions prevent work from commencing.
  • The Hirer must consider and is responsible for making suitable arrangements for access by people with disabilities and emergency services
  • If on arrival to site the carry from point of parking to point of erection is found to be greater than 20 metres a surcharge may be applied.
  • Appropriate provision of parking must be supplied and all parking costs (if any), must be paid for by the Hirer in advance of The Company arriving on site.
  • The Company will use its best endeavours to supply the hirer with the tents and/or equipment ordered but where this is not possible the company will notify the Hirer as soon as possible with any alterations to the design and specifications of the equipment and where alteration is fundamental the Hirer may terminate this contract and any deposit paid will be refunded.
  • The Hire Charge is based on the assumption that the Hirer provides a firm and level site of turf (or some other material not impervious to stakes and able to absorb rainwater) and is served by a firm access road adjacent to the site with adequate hard-standing for commercial vehicles, is free from flooding, trees and overhead obstruction. If this is not the case or if the Hirer wishes the Company to erect the Equipment in a different position on the site to the one indicated by the Hirer to the Company at the time of booking and in either event the costs to the Company are subsequently increased by reason of increase in labour costs or any other factor the Company may increase the price in accordance with the Company’s published price list and hourly labour rates then in force.
  • In the event that the Company fails to fulfil any terms of the hire contract the Company’s liability is limited to refund or cancellation of any hire charge and in no circumstances will the Company be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether loss of profit or otherwise), costs, expenses or other claim whatsoever which arises out of or in connection with the hire of the equipment. 
  • The Company’s entire liability under and in connection with the hire contract shall not exceed the amount of the hire charge. 
  • The Company shall not be liable for damage or loss of any of the equipment. 
  • Your statutory rights are not affected.
  • The Hire Charge does not include making good any repairs to the Site unless caused by the negligence of the Company staff.
  • No naked flames, matches, lighters, fire-pits, gas stoves or cookers, fires, candles or any similar such item is to be used inside the Bell Tent under any circumstances.
  • Should you wish to use any cooking appliances and/or Fire pits please do so outside the tent at a distance of at least 5 metres away.
  • Please ensure the tent is zipped up during rain to avoid any leaks to the inside – keep belongings away from the sides of the tent to help with this.
  • Please do not use exposed blades and/or knives inside the tent.
  • All Damages must be paid for as laid out in these terms and conditions.

Payments must be made in accordance with the terms stated in the Company’s quotation.


  • ‘THE COMPANY’ is Perfect Party Boxes (also known as Perfect Party Tents)
  • ‘THE HIRER’ is the person hiring the equipment from the Company and whose name appears on the booking form and / or Invoice.  The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age.
  • ‘THE PERIOD OF HIRE’ means the time commencing with the arrival of the equipment onsite, and terminating when the equipment is removed by the Company.
  • ‘A BOOKING’ is the contract entered into by the Hirer and the Company which is defined by the detailed hire of goods on the invoice and / or booking form between the Company and the Hirer.
  • ‘BOOKING FORM’ is the form issued by the Company to the Hirer containing details of the Equipment, Period of Hire and Hire Charge.
  • ‘EQUIPMENT’ means the bell tents and any other materials specified on the Booking Form being owned and maintained by the Company provided to the Hirer. Equipment does not include that of Third Party Suppliers.
  • ‘HIRE CHARGE’ is the total amount due under the invoice including delivery, assembly, installation, disassembly and collection of the equipment.
  • ‘THIRD PARTY SUPPLIER’ is a company or individual not owned directly by the Company and shall not form any party of a contractual obligation between the Company and the Hirer.
  • ‘THIRD PARTY EQUIPMENT’ is equipment owned, supplied, erected and maintained by a Third Party Supplier. All such equipment shall not be the responsibility of the Company.