The Forest Friends Party Bag


Forest Friends Party Bags contain:

  • A lovely Sturdy Paper Party Bag with Paper Twine Handles
  • A Seed growing kit with seeds that encourage bees and butterflies to the garden
  • A fact card all about Just One Tree and the work they do
  • A Log Slice decoration that your child can paint, draw or stamp on as they wish
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Wildlife Spotter Identification sheets




Our Forest Friends Party Bags are specifically designed for those who really do want to feel they have “given back” to our beautiful planet – and not just taken.   With a big emphasis on getting outdoors and enjoying nature – these stunning bags not only include growing kits so your little ones can really be involved with planting but also nature ID spotter cards so they really can identify with nature! 

On top of this we also donate 50p from the sale of each of these bags to Just One Tree.  So for every 10 bags ordered you will be helping to plant 5 trees in parts of the world that have previously suffered deforestation!  We really are trying to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere globally by reforesting our world – and you can be a part of that too!