The Sew your own Party Bag


The contents include:

  • Instructions to make a Draw String bag 
  • A piece of Fabric large enough to make a bag.
  • A “Sew let’s stitch” Tailors kit with tailors chalk , tape measure and sewing bits and bobs inside.
  • A ” Sew let’s stitch” Button Box
  • A Sewing kit with needles and thread etc
  • Some ribbon or cord and “home made” labels
  • Pencil and Notebook (to write your plans in)
  • Sweet Treats – all wrapped in paper or foil (Eco friendly too)




These Pretty Party Bags can come in any colour Bag required and will go with any theme.  Great for slightly older children – or older brothers and sisters having guests at parties including those that really love something to keep.  They are ideal for children having sleepover parties and even as a treat or “well done” present/reward!