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  • 01929 471535 / 07773114926
  • perfectpartyboxes@hotmail.com

Party Box Pricelist!

  • Party Box for 8 - £45.00
  • Party Box for 16 - £60.00
  • Party Box for 24 - £75.00
  • Party Box for 30 - £90.00
  • Party Box for 40 - £125.00

All our Party Boxes are a mixture of Hire and Keep items. If there is anything you don’t see here – just ask – I’m always happy to find things for you!  

Don’t forget I can pretty much do any theme for you so the sky really is the limit!

Our boxes come in various sizes – see below and you can always hire the smaller box and just buy a few extra party bags etc if you need to.


  • ALL your Tableware (Plates, Cups & Bowls & Cutlery) for the Number you need – plus a few spares as well as matching items of Serve-ware & 2 Jugs for Squash
  • Table Covers & Napkins and Paper Straws – Table-covers are either recycled paper, Oilcloth, PVC or Cloth in the theme colours – posh eh!  All table-covers are turned into bunting at the end of their life to continue bringing joy!
  • Decorations – There will be lots of decorations whether Pompoms, Fans, Garlands, Bunting, Banners, Streamers, Lights – you should have plenty to really go for it!  If you have a particularly large venue – ask for more!
  • A PASS THE PARCEL – all wrapped and ready for action – this will have enough for every child PLUS the end prize.
  • 2 x Party Game Prizes – all wrapped up for you.
  • The Candles – these have plastic holders (grrrr) but please give them back to me and I will make sure they are re-used!
  • PARTY BAGS AND CONTENTS  x how many you need plus a spare! (Just add cake)
  • Bluetooth Speaker for you to use with your phone or tablet etc
  • Colouring sheets in your chosen theme in case you have some quiet ones
  • See our Party Pics and Gallery to see images of the sort of things you can expect to see in your box.  Every box will be slightly different to the last – and have that individual style that we all want for our children’s parties. 
  • I will very often also add little treats or games into a Party Box too just for you to test out and tell me about – something just to have some fun with!  This is free of charge!




Our 2.5ltr Drinks Dispenser is £2 to hire.
  • Extra Decorations -£3 per bundle (at least 5 Pompoms, 1 x Happy Birthday Banner and 1 x Bunting – usually lots!)
  • Extra Tableware – £5.00 for 8 sets of Cups, Plates, Bowls, Cutlery plus 4 x Serve-ware & 2 x Jugs
  • Extra Napkins, Straws plus a table cover – £3
  • Extra Party Bags – £2 each
  • Extra Prizes – £3 each – and these are wrapped!
  • Pass the Parcels – £6 for 8 Guests, £10 for 16 and £16 for 24
  • Drinks Dispenser with 2 Glass Dispensers on a stand – £4 to hire
  • Small 2.5 Litre Glass Drinks Dispenser – £2 to hire
  • Cake Tins – Castle, Heart, Circular and Square- £1 to hire each
  • Jelly Mould – £1 to hire


Delivery is Free within 7 miles of Bere Regis.  For Delivery to Poole, Blandford or Dorchester delivery is charged at £4 and for Bournemouth it is £5.  Other deliveries are charged at 35p per mile.  I am happy to collect for Free at the following points – Tesco, Blandford.  Poole Park or Tesco Fleetsbridge, Tesco, Dorchester.  I will go anywhere though – just ask and I will be as reasonable as I can! 

Our £20.00 Basic Box is a HIRE ONLY Box

It still has all your lovely Tableware and Serve-ware in it for up to 20 Guests, plus a Decorations Pack bursting with goodies and Table Covers etc in as well as a Bluetooth speaker if I have one available. All these items must be returned – again I am happy to wash up! 

IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY OF THE “CONSUMABLES” IN – So NO Party bags, Pass the Pass Parcel or Prizes etc, Napkins, Candles or Straws.

For a small extra charge of £2 I can print up Extra Large (these are VERY Large) Pin the Tail on the Donkey type games – but can be Unicorns or anything else you think of – just ask and I can usually muster things up!

I also have some “Islands” that can be used instead of chairs for Musical Chairs – these are in Pirates and Princesses theme – but the children don’t generally care what’s on them, they just want to stand on it!! They can be used in or outdoors – just ask if you need them.

I will include a food waste composting bag in your box for any left over sausage rolls etc as well as a clear recycling bag for paper waste. Please use this facility and recycle all that wrapping paper (take the tape off though)

See our Party Pics and Gallery to see images of the sort of things you can expect to see in your box.  Every box will be slightly different to the last – and have that individual style that we all want for our children’s parties.