And so it is that my youngest child has had his 5th Birthday Party! We all had a total blast I think it’s safe to say but it has made me reflect on all the Birthday Parties I have created for my own children so far – 13 of them to date!! There have been Bumble Bees, The Farm, Unicorns, Princesses and Pirates, PJ Masks and Paw Patrollers, Hungry Caterpillars and all manner of Hogwartz attendees at my daughters 8th and most recent Birthday – a real Harry Potter carnival that I somehow pulled out of the bag with nothing more than some clever invention (it’s amazing that you can create Diagon Alley with a cheap roll of Brick effect wallpaper!) 

Parties DO NOT have to cost the earth – either financially or environmentally.  It’s hugely important to me that I don’t spend an absolute fortune on my children’s parties and I don’t believe any of us really need to – I don’t want to set them up to expect more and more and more…….but I am happy to spend time creating Treasure Hunts for them and making some (hopefully) magical moments with some time and effort…..and I am lucky because I have time – well, some!  I know that many working parents – and also many full-time parents with little ones just don’t and having worked full time myself and been a former chronic workaholic as well as a stay at home Mum, I understand the pull and the juggling that everyday throws at you – so when a Birthday looms it can seem even harder to cope with it all!  

And so that is why I am here. So YOU can create a magical party for your children with some beautiful party ware and lovely goodies and party bags etc – without having to spend ALL your time sourcing it all. This is not cheating – it is managing your time effectively and doing what you should be doing with the limited time you have – enjoying it with your children. In one call I can get everything you need for an awesome party all sorted for you so you can simply pick up your Party Box, take it home – enjoy making everything beautiful and seeing your precious child’s face light up when they see it all! YOU did it! They don’t need to know where it all came from (they really don’t care) – YOU made this happen for them! Call me now on 0777314926 or email me here to book your Party Box. No hassle, no stress, just joy!