Well, it’s been a busy few days…the website is beginning to take shape (do tell me what you think if you’re browsing and find me). I’ve ticked a few things off my list – not least sourcing some fantastic, planet friendly tableware for all these parties I shall be helping you with. I’ve also been looking at some lovely party bag fillers too. None of your usual plastic tat here – all lovely things your children will keep and treasure! I’m thinking of the wrapping now – whether to go for brown paper, tissue paper or normal wrap (paper only for recycling purposes). If you have any thoughts do let me know.

I have also been chatting with some lovely Dorset peeps trying to nudge my way into the world and have found everyone to be so helpful and excited for a new business like mine….I cannot tell you how thrilling – and what a relief – this is. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in helping me get this baby off the ground. Not long till I launch Perfect Party Boxes into the world – If you want to book your Box now for any parties from 1st July then please get in touch – I am offering the first 5 bookings 50% off (in the hope they’ll give me some fantabulous reviews – if I’m worthy of course). Looking forward to seeing your party pics too!!