Feeling Thankful

Sitting here at my desk – newly positioned within my home so that I am no longer either freezing cold or boiling hot in the conservatory – I am feeling quite reflective – and very thankful this morning!  I have so much to be thankful for – my dodgy shoulder that forced me to take time off from my previous job (and enabled me to see how much my children enjoyed/needed having me at home) is definitely one of them.  I never thought I would feel grateful for a bit of surgery but it’s amazing how life can be changed by a simple turn of events like that.  I now am lucky enough to work from home doing something I LOVE wholeheartedly!  I create beautiful sewing kits and seed growing kits, I create party bags filled with love and toys that are also kind to our Earth.  I spend my time seeking out toys and chocolates, sweets and all sorts of goodies that I know will put huge smiles on little faces…..if this isn’t enough to make anyone thankful…well I don’t know what is!  

My former life in the Hospitality Industry and in a much more corporate world has shown me how to be smart, efficient, to manage my time and be “pro-active”, motivated and keep calm in a crisis!  I could handle confrontation, staffing dramas, HR issues, technical issues and all manner of customer service enquiries.  What it didn’t do though was release copius amounts of JOY both within me – but also in around me.  My life now couldn’t be more different.  I absolutely get to party for a living – or at least prepare others for their dream parties – and how fabulous is that.  

I’ve come to believe that things absolutely happen for a reason and although it is important to work hard to make your dreams happen and not to wait for them to just rock up (that very rarely happens), it is also important to just take a moment and realise that you may actually be at the dawn of – or in the middle of – what it is you always wanted to do already.  You may already be living the dream!  And if you’re not yet – don’t worry – you may not have even had that dream just yet…..life’s for living….enjoy today!