What it's all about

Here at Perfect Party Boxes we are very passionate about not chucking stuff out. It is important to us to allow our little ones to not just enjoy their parties – but to enjoy the world around them – and indeed to inherit a world that is not dying! To us this means making sure we use the best products we can to ensure the world they inherit isn’t buried under a sea of plastic.

We try to use products that are Eco-friendly. ‘Eco friendly’ includes products considered to inflict minimal harm on the environment. Standards for Eco friendly products are under development – within the European Union, members can use the Eco-label pending the EU’s approval. 

Ok so there are a few things you should know when it comes to recycling – especially as parties are a haven for all things paper and plastic!

Recycling is of course one of the most important things that everyone can do to help lower their carbon footprint, limit landfill growth and protect the environment. 

The UK has a target to recycle 50% of its waste by the year 2020. We are currently only recycling 44.3% (ish) – so we have quite a way to go! Growing by just 3.9% in the last 5 years means that, as a nation, we’re not on path to reach our target by 2020.

One of the reasons is possibly that people just don’t realise that it only takes 1 non-recyclable item to cause a whole bin of recyclables to go to landfill. A non-recyclable item in your recycling proves to the recycling authority that there’s a chance there’s more non-recyclables in the lot and it’s simply cheaper to refuse it than to sort through it.

Recycling is a tricky game, there’s a whole plethora of things that seem like they SHOULD be recyclable but aren’t. We recommend that you check with your local recycling authority for items that can’t be recycled, to familiarise yourself. However, here are 5 commonly recycled but not recyclable items that often find themselves in the recycling. (You’ll note how much of this is often seen in mounds at parties)

So what can we change?


Part of the issue with coffee cups is that the protective sleeve that comes with it is often recyclable and even worse, clearly marked as recyclable, HOWEVER – a lot of consumers don’t realise that only the cover can be put in the recycling bin, and throw the whole lot in. Get yourself a lovely little re-usable Cup and you can even get cheaper Coffee in many places!  


Similar to coffee cups, people assume that they’re paper so they must be recyclable (yep, I thought so too). Unfortunately, a lot of books are bound together using some form of glue that means they can ruin the pulping process and cause a whole batch of potentially recycled paper to be wasted. You’re much better off donating your old books (and anything bound) to your nearest charity shop, library or school. There are also Book Swappers all over the place so just ask around.


Wrapping paper is a difficult one – especially for us as you can imagine. A lot of different kinds of wrapping paper are recycled, however, there’s a few types (quickly growing in popularity), that are not recyclable. Wrapping paper that is foil, glittery, or even a bit shiny is not recyclable as it cannot be mulched and recycled paper would end up with glitter in it. It gets everywhere.

There’s another part of wrapping paper that is often over looked, but can contaminate a whole batch of recycled paper, sticky tape – Aaaarrrggh! Anyway – we will be using wrapping paper that can be recycled – and as little tape as we can – please just remove it before bagging it up! The majority of recyclers will not accept anything with sticky tape on it as the plastic is not recyclable and can prevent paper from being thoroughly mulched.It’s important to ensure that, when recycling paper or card, all plastic tape such as clear tape or brown is removed from the paper before being placed in the bin.


It’s not often known, but you can’t recycle tissue paper either. A lot of tissue paper is made from already recycled paper. This, as mentioned above, means that it can’t be recycled again, the fibres are too short and will result in poor pulp in the recycling process.  Additionally, tissue paper is often used for, less than sanitary, means. This makes it extremely unpleasant for recycling sorters. YUK! Napkins that have food waste on CANNOT be recycled BUT we are ensuring we use Paper Napkins that come from recycled paper and are safe in the knowledge that at least it does break down unlike plastics.  


We are a party business after all – most of the above is well used by all us parents! Well it means we are very careful about what we use – and what we give you to use at your parties. We personally use lovely re-usable coffee cups when we go out and ask you to think about doing the same. We ask that you bring as much back to us as possible so that it can be re-used (Pompoms and Decorations etc) – you are welcome to keep them but we would prefer to re-use them – and of course the tableware is fabulously recyclable and will be sent back to Harfield when it comes to the end of it’s long life to be recycled properly there. The paper on all our pass the parcels is all recyclable as well as on all Party game prizes. Party bags are all paper or proper fabric (not the plasticky kind) and can be re-used or recycled – and there will be no plastic tat inside any of them!

What are Perfect Party Boxes doing?

Our Tableware – we love it!

We use predominantly Harfield Tableware because after a huge amount of research we have found it to have the best green credentials in terms of mileage and recyclability – as well as durability and gorgeousness!

  • Harfield poly-carbonate Tableware is virtually unbreakable meaning lower replacement costs – fewer deliveries and less product used means less use of natural resources & energy, which all help to cut pollution.
  • All the Tableware we use for your party boxes has been made in England and so this of course reduces transport miles compared with products manufactured and shipped from China reducing pollution, energy consumption and therefore carbon usage
  • Harfield poly-carbonate products can be recycled unlike melamine and crockery. This helps save energy, conserves natural resources and creates less landfill. Harfield even take it back once it’s had it’s very long life and get it recycled properly – love their hearts!
  • As well as this – it looks totally fabulous!

The Party Boxes (bags) themselves.

We use some beautiful bags for our “Boxes” that are supplied to us by Cranbornes of Shaftesbury. Designed by Rex London they are gorgeous and all of them are “Eco-friendly”, having been made using recycled materials (they are 95% plastic bottles) and are also Palm Oil Free too.

 We are very committed to making sure we get as much use out of all our products as possible whilst maintaining the high standards you want for your parties.

When all our bags and even table covers have come to the end of their life – we turn them into bunting. Anything we can re-use and put lovingly back into purpose we do.

Our Party Bags are all made from either Paper, Card or Fabrics such as Linen or Hessian – and are lovely!  We take a lot of pride in our party bags and make sure they come complete with beautiful things for your little ones to take home.  We make seed growing kits, baking kits, you may find colouring pencils, puzzles, pencils – often made using recycled Newspaper (you’d never know) as well as wooden key-rings, bracelets and all sorts of gorgeous things – and not a single piece of single use plastic in sight!