Plastic Free July - Let's do our best every day!!

So here at Perfect Party Boxes HQ we are preparing for a whole host of Summer Fayres and of course it has made me even more aware how important it is to reduce the use of single use plastics.  

Events like these have always traditionally been a bit of a minefield for plastic tat but I am hopeful that this year will be different what with David Attenborough and Hugh Leading the charge.  I have certainly got my game head on and will be there at my stalls with plenty of party bags, games, some laughs and even some Birthday Cake for everyone to enjoy – all without any single use plastic!  

My shopping bill has also reduced significantly because quite frankly if it’s so wrapped up in plastic – I’m not even buying it and if I can – we will just go without!  Often these items are not things we actually need but just like the look of or are in the habit of buying.  I’m saving a fortune – and that of course more fun for the Summer Holidays!  Yay!