Well haven’t I been a rather busy bee!? My first few parties have all taken off and been very well received (phew) which has been exciting, terrifying and of course hugely rewarding. I’ve been off on courses learning all about this wonderful world of social media and digital images etc – this means that from now on I shall of course be littering the world with beautiful pictures and photos – rather than my usual attempts! Lucky you! I’ve got bookings coming in for the future which has been thrilling and at the moment I am preparing for all these lovely Summer Fayres I shall be attending – some of them backed up by the Decibelles Choir that I sing with. There are lots of party bags to prepare, party games to organise as well as making sure I have all my lovely Harfield Tableware ready to go as I’m sure you will all want a good nosey to see exactly what you are getting when you book one of our party boxes.  LOTS is the answer!  LOTS!  

All of this of course also stems from one single idea……that parties do not have to cost the earth!  It is very much up to us to make sure that the planet comes first.  Yes of course we want our children as well as ourselves to experience the best parties ever – BUT – it is also our responsibility that in doing so we don’t create a negative effect on the very earth and home of these same children.  They will inherit this earth and I like to think that none of them want balloons more than they want somewhere beautiful to live ongoing.  Not when there are pompoms and others ways of having fun and decorating a hall, home or venue!  This is why all we do is about being planet friendly – from the paper and fabric decs to the fully recyclable (and very green) polycarbonate tableware we use, and also the party bags and their contents – you won’t find a single use piece of plastic anywhere!  Promise!  

Now – when did you need that Party Box for?