Best week ever!!

Wow – what a week!  Last week something quite amazing happened to my business – I went viral!!  Ok, well, when I say I went viral – more than a room full of people (over 9000!!) sat up and took notice and now ever since it’s all just been pretty hectic – blissfully hectic!  Last week I visited the newly opened “Bare Necessities” Zero Waste Shop that has just opened in Wareham, Dorset – and Wowzers – the response to the two of us together was just awesome!  I know Bare Necessities has had a fabulous first week – and well my phone and email has been pinging like mad too!  We both obviously seem to be doing something right – and well – that is just the bestest news ever! 

I’ve always known that being Planet Friendly was the most important thing about my little business – and this has absolutely been confirmed by all of you that you all feel the same way too – and that really is heartwarming!  It’s so important that we all get on board a Zero waste future.  We recognise that has to start with small steps…..and that is exactly what Perfect Party Boxes – and indeed – Bare Necessities is all about.  

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive over the last few months since I started my business – and thank you to those of you who have only just heard about us.  Please do get in touch if there is anything you think we should be doing.  And of course if we can help you with your parties – give us a call.  It’s 01929 471535 / 07773 114926.  You’re all fabulous – keep doing what you’re doing – and keep making those small changes – they all add up!