Another New Year....and they're off!

And so it is that another New Year has started – for the kids at least…..they’re off!  I know that can bring mixed feelings – you miss them but OMG – it’s good to have some peace too right?  But are they going to be ok?  Are they going to settle in?  Will they make friends?  Will their Teacher be kind to them?  Will they behave?  (Will they have an accident?) There is so much to think about that those of us who have children celebrating their Birthdays at this time of year often feel like them having a party – well that’s the last thing on your mind.  After the cost of new shoes, uniform, bags and pencil cases etc – who has money left for parties?  Those poor August and September babies know only too well that “lucking out” is pretty much just how it is at this time of year.  No-one knows where anyone is and parents certainly don’t feel they can afford anymore – or have the energy to shop around!

Well – what if I told you that this didn’t have to be the case and that you didn’t have to spend the earth – you COULD still give your child their dream Birthday Party – on a realistic budget and yet still with plenty of WOW!!!  And that you didn’t have to trawl around on websites for hours looking for a bargain and trying to make sure everything matched the “theme”?  Well believe it or not that is exactly what I am all about – Parties that don’t cost the Earth – in anyway!!


I can absolutely provide you with everything you need to put on an amazing party – all you have to do is book your Party Box and I will literally do the rest!  Easy eh!  So what are you waiting for?  CALL me now on 01929 471535 or 07773 114926 and I will do the rest!  Have a wonderful half term and go congratulate yourself with a lovely glass of your fave tipple…..I shall see you soon!