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Hi there – I’m Fiona and I’m a Wife, Mum (and Party Planner) from Dorset! With two children aged 8 and 5 it will come as no surprise to any of you that I have been to quite a few Childrens’ parties over the years and been to all sorts of parties – all different and all with one thing in common – the kids having tons of fun and the parents often looking a bit stressed!  I’ve heard ALOT of parents discussing the struggles of just getting it ALL done. The cake, the venue, the party games, party bags then there’s the plates and cups and banners and candles and decorations and prizes – don’t forget the pass the parcel – and it never ends….. you always feel in danger of forgetting some vital “thing”.
The reason I started Perfect Party Boxes?  Well it all started with my own daughter’s 8th Birthday Party – a Harry Potter Extravaganza!  I managed to pull-off this rather awesome party using hope, a wing and a prayer (and some cheats on Pinterest) and not a lot you see…..just lots of imagination and creativity and some very inexpensive props!  Loads of parents were asking me about it and I began to think – well – wouldn’t it be great if all children could be “Wowed” by their parents efforts! I’ve always been prone to going “over the top” as my husband puts it – but it’s always been about ideas and that big intake of breath your child makes when they first see their party room! I’ve NEVER gone bonkers on budget and expense because I don’t believe you have to – or should do! This is after all a one day/night event and going insane with cost is not what children want……they just want the magic…..and this DOES NOT HAVE TO COST THE EARTH! Financially or Environmentally!
And so eventually after much thinking about it, my own birthday came around and I just decided to go for it! And so here I am – totally committed to that Magic and to our beautiful planet Earth that our children will inherit in a terrible state if we don’t do something about it. So without a trace of plastic “tat”, I am here to create Perfect Party Boxes that you can take home with you so that you can create some Magic for your children – without the hours trawling through the internet searching for the most inexpensive but awesome bits and bobs that you think you may or may not need and without all the endless single-use plastic cups and plates and straws. 
I’ve put it all in a box for you!  ALL OF IT!  EVERYTHING!! All you have to do is sort your venue, pick up your box and buy a cake and Whoopee – your party is sorted! I can even recommend cake makers. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WASH UP!!! The Boxes – or Bags – can be taken to any venue and all the contents are super easy to organise – and as I wash up you really don’t need to worry about facilities for all that!
Because we offer a Part Hire/ Part Buy service – you really don’t have to spend hours you don’t have looking for what you do or don’t need whether that’s hunting through websites looking for all those bits and pieces that “go” or last minute shopping after work and school- we’ve already done all that for you! On top of this what makes us so great is that everything we use is as far as possible – Eco-friendly – whether it is re-usable, has come from recycled materials or is both. No plastic tat here!  Instead of balloons we are all about the POMPOMS!! They look fabulous and come in all colours – and can be used again and again – and then they can either be recycled or at worst – actually decompose! We use paper Napkins because of course they will also decompose too relatively quickly even with food on! We will even provide a couple of waste and compostable bags for you to put your food and paper waste into so that you can dispose of this nicely should you wish to after the party. We really have tried to think of it all for you.

There is loads we can all be doing and whilst our little bit may not seem like much – it’s a start! And that’s what this planet of ours needs. Just ask our hero – David Attenborough! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47976184

I am so looking forward to hearing about your parties and seeing your photos too, so do get in touch and I will do whatever I can to help you in your hour of need!

Best wishes

Fiona (and my inspiration below)

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