A New wave of Inspiration (and a war on chocolate)

I watched Greta Thurnberg’s address to the UN Climate committee this morning and the overwhelming feeling I had was one of shame!  How awful is is that it takes a 16 year old from Sweden to make us Grown ups feel like that!  Because she is right!  We all make lots of noises about doing the right thing – and many of us are indeed trying!  But is trying enough?  Will we wish we had tried harder?  Probably!  

With that thought in mind and not wanting “must try harder” stamped all over my lifetime report card – I’m off to research what more I and my family can do.  We can vote for greener issues of course.  We can make sure we buy less single use plastic – but what about when you want that bar of chocolate – it’s ALL wrapped in plastic……so we need to chase the makers of such things – and that is going to become my latest battle.  Not just because I LOVE CHOCOLATE – but because – nearly all of us do.  Once upon a time it was all wrapped in foil and paper and that is what I am going to be asking them to go back to.  We all have to pick a battle and chocolate is not one I can see many going for – so I’m going to.  One battle – One win – then move on to the next one!  That’s what my plan is.  Until then – in this house we will only be eating chocolate not wrapped in plastic (yes my heart is breaking – but frankly – my kids and this planet have to come first).  I already make sure all our party bags only use chocs and sweets wrapped in this way – but now I’m going to try and influence as many as I can to do the same – wish me luck everyone.  first stop is my old friend Cadbury – I have just written them a lovely email letting them know that due to all their plastic wrappers they have made our relationship very toxic and I can no longer buy their products – let’s see how they respoond!!  

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  1. Hi fi
    I too felt shame when listening To Greta and outrage all at the the same time. My big hate at the moment is toy makers – argh how much plastic on a lol doll do they have to use!! (Other toy makers and manufacturers are also available to moan at) I mean really so, so much waste on wrapping and packaging before you even get to the plastic toy which then never lasts long at all. Going to take a leaf out of your book and write to them. My little girl has only ever had one and it was wasted. So I wont be buying them again xxx

    1. Hiya – i think that’s a great idea – I’m in full support of everyone taking a small step to see what we can all do. They have to get to it at some point!

  2. good work! The more consumers that vote with their purchases, but also write to companies, putting pressure on them to make changes and quickly, the better! Cadbury’s also use Palm Oil which is not certified from sustainable sources. Right now the haze in Asia is causing widespread hazardous levels of air pollution and I know first hand what that feels like to breathe in.

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