Best week ever!!

Best week ever!! Wow – what a week!  Last week something quite amazing happened to my business – I went viral!!  Ok, well, when I say I went viral – more than a room full of people (over 9000!!) sat up and took notice and now ever since it’s all just been pretty hectic – blissfully hectic!  Last week I visited the newly opened “Bare Necessities” Zero Waste Shop that has just opened in Wareham, Dorset – and Wowzers – the response to the two of us together was just awesome!  I know Bare Necessities has had a fabulous first […]

A New Wave of Inspiration

A New wave of Inspiration (and a war on chocolate) I watched Greta Thurnberg’s address to the UN Climate committee this morning and the overwhelming feeling I had was one of shame!  How awful is is that it takes a 16 year old from Sweden to make us Grown ups feel like that!  Because she is right!  We all make lots of noises about doing the right thing – and many of us are indeed trying!  But is trying enough?  Will we wish we had tried harder?  Probably!   With that thought in mind and not wanting “must try harder” stamped […]

Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful Sitting here at my desk – newly positioned within my home so that I am no longer either freezing cold or boiling hot in the conservatory – I am feeling quite reflective – and very thankful this morning!  I have so much to be thankful for – my dodgy shoulder that forced me to take time off from my previous job (and enabled me to see how much my children enjoyed/needed having me at home) is definitely one of them.  I never thought I would feel grateful for a bit of surgery but it’s amazing how life can […]

Another New Year!

Another New Year….and they’re off! And so it is that another New Year has started – for the kids at least…..they’re off!  I know that can bring mixed feelings – you miss them but OMG – it’s good to have some peace too right?  But are they going to be ok?  Are they going to settle in?  Will they make friends?  Will their Teacher be kind to them?  Will they behave?  (Will they have an accident?) There is so much to think about that those of us who have children celebrating their Birthdays at this time of year often feel […]