Boom!! And we’re off!

Booming!  Well haven’t I been a rather busy bee!? My first few parties have all taken off and been very well received (phew) which has been exciting, terrifying and of course hugely rewarding. I’ve been off on courses learning all about this wonderful world of social media and digital images etc – this means that from now on I shall […]

Summer Events Coming up…

So it looks like it shall be a rather busy time before the children break up for the Holidays!  You will be able to find me at the following Summer Fayres, with all my goodies for you to have a look at… Friday 5th July – Dunbury School, Winterbourne Kingston DT11 9BG.   3pm – 6pm Saturday 6th July – Archbishop […]

No more Under 5’s :(

And so it is that my youngest child has had his 5th Birthday Party! We all had a total blast I think it’s safe to say but it has made me reflect on all the Birthday Parties I have created for my own children so far – 13 of them to date!! There have been Bumble Bees, The Farm, Unicorns, […]

Whoop Whoop!

It’s gone! Flown the nest and is off to make a gorgeous little girl (called Angel bless her) very happy for her party this evening. Could not be happier seeing my first Perfect Party Box go off this morning. Now on to the next one…..which is for my son! No pressure there then. He’s going to be 5 so have […]